Top 10 Ecommerce Companies in Bangalore

Top 10 Ecommerce Companies in Bangalore

ecommerce companies in bangalore

The buzz word, “electronic commerce” is their in the market for the few years.The technology got rooted when the dot-com era encircled the entire globe. Moreover, the ubiquitous internet connectivity has provided a platform that invigorates ecommerce companies in Bangalore to achieve their ambitious dream.

Starter Plan Build eCommerce websiteTo start a web-based business in India, all you need is a brilliant idea, personal computer, and the passion to create something new. In the past few years there are numerous online stores that started selling in the digital medium. Few doing their best to transpose into a million dollar business. Some firms offer services to the customer and some offer products. Either way, they are doing well in terms of both business-to-business and business-to-customer in providing both products and services.

People prefer to purchase products online as they easily access internet and place order to get items delivered at their doorsteps. There are a handful of ecommerce companies in Bangalore that offer free shipping, cash on delivery, etc. Also the highly competitive market demands for return and exchange policy for their customer. However, the question is What strategies does these digital ventures implemented to position themselves as a top brand among people.

How Does These Ecommerce Companies Reach Top Level?

The growth of any online store hides in the comprehensive marketing strategy they craft. Your key differentiator help you get the market share and makes people reach to you without a brick and mortar, no driving, no traffic, convenience at its best. With the invention of the internet, people are more driven towards it. Not only small brands but also giant brands compete in the global market; hence, most of these virtual stores hire a marketing agency for their online promotion. The top e-commerce companies in Bangalore world able to become top when they have survived the market and applied the marketing strategy.


Other ways of marketing are:

  • Facebook is a foremost channel for digital marketing. The marketing channel help to reach out to a large audience and drive online sales all over the world. It help increase the ROI by 152%. This is the platform where you can market every kind of products (also need to check the social channels policy guidelines).
  • Influencer marketing is another top notch technique in which brands focus on influential people. People who are well versed in the niche segment and has a fair share of you target audience as followers. Getting your product endorsed by an influencer will significantly plan an important role in branding.
  • Email marketing is an effective way to grab people’s attention. This channel is rated a the best channel in terms of ROI. A well written email tends to give a purpose to the audience. Make sure that you have your audience in mind.
  • Content marketing with articles and blogs to increase the rank of the website on a search engine, it is done through the search engine optimization.
  • Retargeting, through remarketing/ retargeting you could reach out to prospects/ leads/ customers etc and remind them about your business entity. 70% of the internet user buys the product if the company uses this strategy wisely. To achieve this, focus more on branding side and use segments on the retargeted ads it increases the emotional appeal to the customer.

The growth of consumers in India, and Expansion of Market

The online retail market in India is growing at a fast pace. With the rise in population and diverse demographic, it help to acquire huge market and promise imminent growth. India is already ahead of global internet users and it estimates around 207 million users ahead of US. China is reported first with 600 million internet users.

Now people prefer everything at their doorstep and it is the main reason behind boom in virtual stores. In future Indian retail market will acquire $700 and this gives a lot of potentials to top e-commerce companies in Bangalore to leverage. The online retail segment of India is all set to grow in Asia-Pacific region.

tore!Economic Growth and Digital Preneurs

The top e-commerce companies in Bangalore have gone into the aggressive mode of hiring new people and it is expected to grow over 30% by the next year. Means, this will help in generating minimum 50,000 vacancies. It not only requires accountants, executives, sales managers, but marketing team too to promote their products and beat the competition. Ranging in multiple disciplines, these online stores In Bangalore require professionals for a specific role.

For web related work, we designing, web developers, data analyst, user experience manager, SEO manager, content manager, and traditional supply chain management jobs are there. The workforce is required to grow in the online spectrum.

Future of Online Business

India ranks among the top countries in terms of technology startups and it has made tremendous growth in online business and emerges as third fastest growing in terms of startups in the world. The initiatives like GST and Make in India has given the momentum for ecommerce companies to grow in size, and in number. From a recent study, e-commerce firms in Bangalore created almost 80,000 job opportunities. Hence, it proves that India is a place where you can expect growth in the electronic commerce industry.

Recent Developments

Indian startups have undergone through many development programs from being selected in Google’s accelerator program, raising funds etc, its ecosystem is quite encouraging. These digital firms uses the latest technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning at the same time.

Limitations of Top ecommerce companies in Bangalore

Despite the very promising data, only a few startups falls into the category of top ecommerce entities because the focus of these companies is limited to information technology related products and these business entities provide the services like analytics, aggregators, health-tech, and online payment. The strong foot of these business entities lies is software enabled services instead of hardware products.

Competition in Indian Market

They focus on customer satisfaction rather than sales It help increase customer loyalty and the customer base, which is not seen in these days. Acquiring loyal customer is the biggest benefit for an ecommerce company.

Zero investment eCommerce Store

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