Top 20 Discount Coupon-Listing Websites in India

Top 20 discount coupon-listing websites in India

Online shopping sites offer various discounts and deals to lure customers and if you do not use these offers while shopping online you are certainly not a smart shopper. Though all these coupons and offers are not readily available on the sites, there are dedicated coupon sites where you can get best deals for almost all the categories.

Based on the current Alexa ranking and popularity among the users we have gathered the list of the top 20 discount coupon websites in India which you can use for amazing shopping offers.

  1. Groupon India: Alexa Ranking: 173
    Website: or

Groupon is one of the most popular coupon website in India that offers deals and coupons for movies, restaurants and other services.

  1. Grabon: Alexa Ranking: 204

Grabon started in 2013 and has the net worth of more than $4.4 million. The website has tie-ups with major 1000 plus retailers and offers are verified on daily basis with clear instructions on expiry and terms and conditions.

  1. Coupon Dunia: Alexa Ranking: 632

Coupon Dunia started in 2010 and Times Internet is one of the major shareholders of Coupon Dunia. The website offers quality deals for electronic products, taxi rides, movie tickets and restaurants.

  1. Coupon Raja: Alexa Ranking: 803

Coupon Raja came into existence in 2007 and has been offering deals on more than 30,000 items from some of the top E-commerce websites in the country. The website offers deals on debit & credit cards such as cash back offers for all major banks.

  1. Desi Dime: Alexa Ranking: 910

Desi Dime came into existence in 2010 and specifically the emphasis on deals and coupons only. The website offers coupons for merchants like Myntra, Koovs, Flipkart, Amazon and Snap deal. The coupons are verified on daily basis.

  1. Free Ka Maal Alexa Ranking: 1,132

Free Ka Maal offers coupons and deals for almost all the Indian E-commerce websites. The site also offers contests such as giveaway and freebies for the registered members. There are reward points for each offer that you can collect and redeem.

  1. India Free Stuff: Alexa Ranking 1,375

India Free Stuff offers amazing giveaways and and best deals for Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and mobile recharge.

  1. Couponz Guru Alexa Ranking: 1,455

Couponz Guru was founded in 2011 and is known for the coupons and deals on hotel booking, flights, online shopping and restaurants. The process of using the coupons is quite simple and can be used while checking out.

  1. Cash Karo: Alexa Ranking: 1,609

Cash Karo is a voucher/coupon cum cash back site. The website offers cash back when you visit the merchant website through Cash Karo website. It also runs its own referral program and offers 10% on each referral.

  1. Go Paisa: Alexa Ranking: 3,406

Go Paisa offers 100% commission on the purchase as compared to other coupon listings. It also has its own affiliate program and you get pretty good deals on referring your friends to the website and getting them registered.

  1. Coupon Nation: Alex Ranking: 3,722

Coupon Nation has its reach all over India. The deals are mostly based on the trending products and have particular section with new deals on trending sites. Customers can compare the deal and choose accordingly.

  1. Coupon Haat: Alexa Ranking: 5,225

The website deals in bank offers, recharge offers and day today deals on Electronics, Health and Beauty and just about everything.

  1. Save My Rupee: Alexa Ranking: 5,645

Save My Rupee site majorly deals with online recharge of mobiles and DTH services. There are coupons for sites like paytm, Mobi wiki and free-charge.

  1. Coupon Rani: Alexa Ranking: 6,217

Coupon Rani is a great site for coupon related to travel, hotels and flowers etc.

  1. Coupon Dekho: Alexa Ranking: 7,138

Coupon Dekho website offers discounts and deals on fashion, food, electronic, recharge baby products and flights.

  1. Upto75: Alexa Ranking: 7,464

The website started its operation in 2009 and offers discounts up to 75% on restaurants, hotel bookings and online shopping. The site offers coupons through email and SMS. The coupons can be downloaded and are very easy to use.

  1. My Dala: Alexa Ranking: 7,775

My Dala was founded in 2009 and has almost more than 300 million users with over 200,000 deals on merchandise and brands over 100,000. My Data gives you deals, cash back and the coupon for almost all the domains ranging from food, travel, shopping and movies.

  1. Maddy Coupons: Alexa Ranking: 9,263

Maddy Coupons offers discounts for asking the major categories of top E-commerce websites. The site gives you trending offers along with the regular deals on different sections such as hotel and flight booking.

  1. Coupon Trends: Alexa Ranking: 9511

Coupon Trends was founded in 2014 and offers lucrative discounts on websites like ClearTrip, Yatra, Tripoto and MakeMyTrip. The site also has tie-ups with gifting websites such as fernsnpetals. The site also gives free coupons to its registered member community.

  1. Buy 1 Get 1: Alexa Ranking:14,479

If you are looking for super saving coupons and discount offers for E-commerce sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, MakeMyTrip and all major and small-scale merchants Buy 1 Get 1 offers you competitive offers which you can also compare with other websites.

Apart from above-mentioned websites, there are few others such as couponstan, coupon alert, coupon sarkar and smartkharid where you can find available coupons to choose from.


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