Top 5 Ecom Business Ideas That Has the Potential to Make Money in India

Top 5 Ecom Business Ideas That Has the Potential to Make Money in India

Top 5 Ecom Business Ideas That Has the Potential to Make Money in India

Working for oneself is the current mantra! Majority of the individuals across the world, including India keep looking for opportunities to do something on their own. The rapid growth in internet and mobile technology has made it quite easy to access internet. This has opened up a multitude of business opportunities over the internet. Businesses which can be run over the internet are accordingly named Ecommerce (Ecom, in short) businesses. However, many are unaware of the Ecom business ideas that are in trend now. Let’s look at the top 5 ecom business ideas which have the potential to make money in India.

Top 5 Ecom Business Ideas

While there are several different businesses which can be established over the internet, only few are apt for the internet model of business. Here are the top 5 Ecom business ideas for you!

1. Subscription Boxes

Offer - Sell OnlineSubscription boxes has been placed as number 1 among the top 5 Ecom business ideas as it can be adapted to any situation. These are the new fad among the elite. Everyone loves a surprise and this can be the perfect gift for someone too! This can be used by corporate companies to gift their employees on a regular basis. Boxes which contain cosmetics, sweets, electronic items, mugs and anything else that you can think of can be offered as a subscription box through your ecommerce site. You can either have your own combination of gifts or ask some of the companies to offer a gift bouquet which can be displayed on your site.

The concept of subscription box website is simple. A buyer can subscribe to different types of gift bouquets offered on your website for himself/ herself or for others. These boxes can be sent on a weekly/monthly/half-yearly/yearly basis.

2. 3D Model Stores

Three dimensional (3D) imaging and modelling is becoming a rage these days! Hence, this idea has been placed as the next best among the top 5 Ecom business ideas in India. The 3D models and toys are sought by people from all backgrounds and all fields (science, technology, animation, medicine, dentistry, architecture, etc). When it was first introduced, 3D printing technology was quite costly and could be afforded by only a few. However, with the availability of open-source technology and cheaper equipment, the cost of 3D printing has reduced drastically. Additionally, the technology as well as the raw materials are also easily available.

You can set up an ecommerce store for selling 3D models of anything and everything a buyer desires. It can be a custom-made gift store or something with ready-made models.

3. Enamel Pins

The next among the top 5 Ecom business ideas is selling enamel pins over the internet. Enamel pins are used during different occasions and also for fun. These are available in different sizes, shapes, colors and often carry funny messages. Hence these have become a new fashion accessory among people of all ages including children, men and women. These can be custom made too! There are several vendors who offer enamel pin making services and once you have tied up with a good one, you are ready to start your ecom business of enamel pins. These attractive pins can be designed for every occasion. You need to be creative to add to the collection.

You can offer different types of pins for some common occasions like anniversaries, weddings, valentine’s days, etc. You can also customize the pins according to the buyers’ needs.

4. Niche Product Stores

Many a time we end up buying different things from different stores and this is often time consuming. This is especially true when you are shopping for multiple items from different categories of products. For example, to celebrate your daughter’s birthday, you will think of buying a good dress, a good gift, sweets, return gifts for her friends, shoes and other accessories and also decorative objects for the party. However, one has to visit multiple stores for buying all these stuff. So here is the next top 5 Ecom business idea for you! You can set up a niche products stores which offer the best product from different categories under a single platform.

You can also collect and sell some of the top end products for the elite who look for out of the box ideas and the best brand. You can collectively display different brands in a single ecommerce store, so that the buyer can shop for all the stuff in one go!

5. Smart devices

While people are becoming smart, their devices are becoming smarter. The trend which started with smart phones has now extended to our homes too! Almost everything in our homes, from the doorbell to the ceiling fan (and light color too!), can now be controlled with a smartphone. So with advancing technology, there is a need for smart devices and smart appliances. This brings us to our fifth one among the top 5 Ecom business ideas. Numerous electronic devices such as webcam, fan, refrigerator, water heaters, air coolers, lights, music system, etc have evolved over time, allowing greater flexibility and access to the user. This has opened up the avenue for the sales of smart appliances as well as smart devices.

While most of the electronic appliances are available in different stores, there is a lack of eCommerce stores which sell all types of smart electronic appliances and smart devices to control them. Hence, this idea is listed as one of the top 5 Ecom business ideas.

Ecom business ideas

The above listed are only a few among the numerous Ecom business ideas that have the potential to make money in India. The ability to host anything and everything over the internet has been supported by the cloud technology. This virtual world of shopping is here to stay and everyday, an innumerable number of eCom businesses are being set-up over the internet. However, one has to always remember that adequate planning and implementation is the key to success in this competitive world of eCommerce.



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