Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business Using Reddit

Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business Using Reddit

5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business Using Reddit

5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business Using Reddit

Online businesses or ecommerce portals require constant exposure over the internet to be in the game. Apart from the traditional online marketing, newer and creative ways of being the word-of-mouth online need to be explored and harnessed constantly. Reddit is one such way which can help boost online sales in several ways!

Reddit, modernized version of “read it” is basically a bulletin board system where users can post different types of content and have discussions regarding the same. Other users can vote for or against (upvote/downvote) such posts to either popularize it or get it removed. Content can be posted under different categories, which are called subreddits. If a post gets highest number of votes, then it is displayed prominently on the front page of the subreddit (category) page.

Now let’s discover top 5 ways to grow your online venture through Reddit (suggest you to read up the home page of Reddit to know more about how to register and use this service)


1.     Customer Queries

Reddit can be used as a unique channel to address customer queries. Feedbacks and answering queries are vital for the success of e-commerce industry. The more you engage customers in talking about your product, higher is the popularity. This is also a cheap and easy method too. You can create a sub-reddit under the most suitable category to help your customers post in their queries which can be answered by you or others who have used/tried these products.

One more feature which can be used very effectively is the Ask Me Anything or AMA option. Check it out at  http://www.reddit.tcom/r/AMA/

5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business Using Reddit
5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business Using Reddit

2.     Encourage Submission

There is no other greater publicity than word of mouth. It has been always considered to be the most reliable method of marketing with guaranteed returns. Create a subreddit for your product or service and encourage your buyers to post – pictures with the product, DIY videos or anything creative you can think of! Such moves instill a feeling of oneness with the company and increase loyalty towards your brand. This will not only garner interest among the current users, but will also help promote your business among the would-be customers.

3.     Networking

Building a network on reddit is another way of exploring newer group of users and may also help improve the service. In many instances such an approach can even help solve initial hiccups of start-up companies. Although it may take some time to build a robust network, it is worth the time and effort. Keep exploring newer groups every time you sign in and interlink with other groups which are of common interests to your business.

4.     Buy Ad Space

This is a good option especially for those who have set aside some amount for marketing. You can buy as ad space for a certain period of time, see how the response is and continue doing so in a regular fashion for building up consumer population.

5.     Display Latest News

Ardent fans of your product are always looking for what’s new at your website/webstore and will enthusiastically forward or share your news with their groups. This would help in creating a bond as well as promote your product. So don’t forget to share the updates of your company/e-store on a periodic basis.


You can go through these subreddits to know more about using reddit for your business and gaining knowledge:

/r/business – Gives an overall perspective about business

/r/entrepreneur – Know more about business from other entrepreneurs like you

/r/startups – To get suggestions from other startup companies

/r/smallbusiness – To network with other small business owners and enthusiasts and gain from their experience

/r/growmybusiness – There are several tools for developing business leads here

So what are you waiting for ? Come out of your comfort zone and explore new waters! For all that you know, this could be an interesting way to get in more customers for your store!


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