Top 25 Ecommerce Marketing Ideas

Top 25 Ecommerce Marketing Ideas

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Top Ecommerce Marketing Ideas

Getting ecommerce marketing ideas can be tough, as no one knows which will work and give the best result. With apparently endless competition, reaching the targeted market and converting customers, and getting loyalty are challenging as summiting Everest. In fact, there are plenty of companies offering different e-commerce marketing strategy and they are doing it well.

These companies have solid ecommerce marketing ideas in place; they use it to get in front of customers. It is actually a marketing plan they execute online. Most of the companies have some set of marketing ideas on the paper, but need not worry; here I am giving you the list of top 20 e-commerce marketing strategies that will help boost your online sales. You can implement these powerful, actionable, and impactful tactics every day.

With these ideas, you will have everything to pump up marketing and start seeing traffic with higher conversion rate on your website that you have been dreaming of.

Here is the list of top few strategies that help you promote your online store.

Content Marketing
An e-commerce business always needs a content marketing strategy. Make sure that you will engage with all the available methods to reach your customers, be it, articles, blogs, press release, videos, newsletters, etc.

Make a content calendar to cross check with your strategy. Its ideal if you create content calendar for every month and evaluate how the content will be creates and distribute over a net.

E-mail Campaign
It is a bedrock marketing strategy because it is still the most effective method to reach out to prospects/ customer and make them buy more. Usually, a customer opens a promotional email and then decides whether to buy or not. Emails are great to nurture leads, and is often used as a tool for push marketing. Emails are the most effective marketing channel when compared with the investment, this marketing channel gives you the best possible ROI.

Social Media Marketing
When you start afresh it is always a tough call to decide which social platform is best for your online business. There are great no: of articles available that explains which social channel is best for you. The simple solution is put the content on most used social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.


Personalized Strategy
This strategy is best known in marketing field as it resonates the brand name. You need to spend some money hiring a marketing agency that will create the brand with a person as a face of business.

Create Original Content
Original resourceful content that provides high user experience help build a strong relationship with customers. Hence from a content marketing perspective it’s better to create original content. Apply SEO for website ranking on the search engine.

Contextual Marketing
It is marketing of products and company in particular demographics means showing the right message at right time. Means if your target market is Delhi then display the message that Delhi people like.

Optimization for the Mobile World
We are slowly drifting to an age of mobile commerce. It is not just about mobile apps, nowadays customer wants mobile responsiveness (a coherent integration across multiple displays). The website should operate smoothly on desktop, mobiles, and tablets.

Online Discussion Forums
Built an online forum or a discussion room on your e-commerce website where people share their experience and ideas. It help root your domain authority and help create word of mouth marketing.

User-Generated Contents
Users like to write about their experience. Means user-generated content has a unique quality to motivate a large number of people, compelling them to engage with a brand. User generated contents are great resources in terms of creating trust among target customers. For example, a passive surfer lands on a website that sells handbags and got captivated by the deals on the website. She then decides to place an order online. The deal was so great that the customer finds value in it and decides to go online with the handbag. The end customer wants the whole world to know that she was able to bag en exquisite piece with the least spent.

Research About the Market
A detailed research about the market gives the exact ideas about how to generate fresh products on the website. Update your website/ blog content with the latest information available. Taking a sneak peak into the market will take apart your confusion.

Reward the Ghost Writers
In case you have a freelance writer and need their service to pen an article for your newly released products, it is always praiseworthy to give them a piece of new product as a goodwill gesture. In return, you will get loyalty, and free marketing of the product.

Onsite SEO
Establishing an onsite SEO is highly recommendable for every ecommerce website. Search engine optimization would definitely carry out when you want your website on top search result of search engine result page (SERP).

Chat box on the website
Introducing a chat box on the website for customers is beneficial. Here customers can share their thoughts privately. This is admirable initiation where customer can discuss personally and visitor would get chance to talk to the back-end team.

Add a Rating System
In online gatherings and forums, it is always a beneficial practice to launch something that world generate audience’s interest and make them captive. Addition to rating integrate other features would attract more visitors to the ecommerce website.

Analyse Report
Producing a report is crucial because without this the business owner would not be able to estimate flaws and growth in the investment. Research the market and generate the report so that you always are familiar with the market.

Buy/Sell Products
Auctioning of the products on website like Amazon and eBay helps in generating additional revenue. This is how you connect with the audience and generate sales.

Email Newsletter
Email newsletter is very old but effective technique. You must put weekly updates in the newsletter that customer is bound to receive. Creating compelling email newsletters are great way to keep your customers happy and engaged.

Wishlist Maintenance
If you help customer recollect their wishlist, they will consider you as deity. Hence, make a list or collection of products with good offers so that people cannot resist purchasing it.

Start Targeting Latest Technology
Wearable technology is the latest trends in market. People are more inclined to make use of interactive devices that analyses, monitors and responds concurrently with the customers demand. It will be a great ecommerce marketing idea to partner with technology leaders and get featured on their gadgets.

Revealing Name of Authors
Every company has one voice or writer so it is time to end the dilemma and reveal the name of an author. Giving an identity to a blog post is well appreciated by people. People prefer to know who the writer is and his expertise in the niche segment.

Create a Face (Possibly Fictitious) for Your Company
Fictitious characters are always in fashion and people follow it or like it. hence, creating a fictitious face for a company will help a lot.

Online Discussion
Built an online forum or a discussion room on your e-commerce website where people share their experience and ideas. It help root your domain authority and help create word of mouth marketing.

Implement a Loyalty Program
When a customer likes your products and service they will shop with you repeatedly. Hence, implementing a loyalty programme brings back the customers back to your online store. Loyalty programs is a great ecommerce marketing idea. Through loyalty program you tend to add value to the end user.

Reach out Local Customer
It’s a good strategy to have articles written in multiple languages. Say most of your customers are from kerala and their exist a good readership for the local language magazines. Once you identify that your target customers prefer to read in local languages its worth investing in a channel that tend to provide them a better customer experience.

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