Using the ‘F’ Word to Increase Sales!

Using the ‘F’ Word to Increase Sales!
Using the ‘F’ Word to Increase Sales!

The ‘F’ word is being used widely by people of all ages (almost all now!) from different backgrounds. At certain places it has become so common that people don’t take it as a bad word at all! One thing is however certain – it grabs a lot of attention online! So how can we use this to increase sales?

There are two ways of looking at it! One, is to apply certain F words in practice to boost your confidence and the other, is to use it attract buyers to your blogs!

Boost your confidence with these F words

Some of the F words that are useful for boosting your confidence include Focus, Forward and Finish.


A business cannot flourish well without this word and steps taken to accomplish it. One should have a clear Focus about the goals that are to be achieved and should put in all efforts to fulfill these goals within the specified time frame. It is preferable to jot down the goals and the methods/approaches to be followed to fulfill them.


One should always make an effort to move Forward by not brooding over lost chances. One should make it a point to learn from the mistakes of the past and learn to improvise and avoid making the same mistakes again. Every step you plan should help you move forward with the least hassles. Well planned actions have the highest chances of success than a poorly planned one.


Always Finish what you started. It may be a new venture, a new idea, a new product or a new way of marketing. Never let go of it midway without giving it your best shot. Also make an attempt to finish or close the deal/lead which went cold after a few attempts. Taking such simple steps could help you out in the long run.

Attract buyers

Although this may be considered a sly way to boost the number of people visiting your blogs, there is no harm! You are using the most popular letter to grab some attention and educate or introduce buyers to your products.

Use the letter ‘F’ (not the complete word!) to form catchy title and form an interesting blog article to rouse the interest of the reader (as done here!). However, make sure that you give some useful information to the reader and talk about your store or a product in the right place of the article.

Although several people get offended with the use of the ‘F’ word, it has almost become a part of the routine vocabulary. However, there are several other words which start with the letter ‘F’ and inspire you to achieve much more than you anticipated. Judicious use of this letter can definitely help improve your sales.


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