Ux Vs UI – Importance of UI and UX in eCommerce Store Design

Ux Vs UI – Importance of UI and UX in eCommerce Store Design

Importance of UI and Ux in eCommerce business

Every online merchant should understand the importance of Ui and Ux in ecommerce store design. At first create a draft of how you want you want your online shop to look, kind of a basic design of their ecommerce store. Once the design is ready and the development is in progress there are two important aspects that need critical focus: user interface and user experience. It doesn’t matter how elegant the website is or how good the features are.

The look, feel, and user friendliness are the factors that matters the most. The main reason is that there are several eCommerce stores out in the market with almost the same features. Therefore, the shoppers constantly look for the sites that provide the best user experience and user interface. However, before understanding the ways of improving Customer Experience, it is essential to identify their difference and their importance in ecommerce store design.

UX vs UI

Unlike presumed, the user interface is different from the user experience. The designers of user interface focus on the visual aspects such as creativity and branding. For instance, a UI designer will focus on the colour of the icons rather than a page layout. They also focus on the size and visibility of the content on online store.

On the other hand, the designers who are involved in enhancing the user experience majorly focuses on the architecture of the site, layout of the page, and the actionable items of each page. Moreover, they work on the functions such as availability of content or display of popup and much more.

Both the designers of the user interface and user experience basically work together. However, the user experience designers are more difficult to find when compared to user interface designers.


Importance of UI and UX in eCommerce Store Design

There are several steps to design an eCommerce store. During this process, both the UI and UX designers have to work together during this process. Their combined precise work will reduce the efforts of the website developers. There are five stages in the development process.

  1. Architecture Design: The architecture of an eCommerce store is usually designed by a UX designer. The architecture will include the categories, sitemap, elements, callable actions, and links for each page.
  2. Branding: The UI designer takes care of the branding elements of the eCommerce store design. The branding activities include the creation of logos, deciding the colours, high-level layout, and other visual elements.
  3. Mock Up Creation: The process of creating mock-up is either done by User Interface or User Experience designer or together. It contains every element of the user interface and user experience.
  4. Wireframe: The wireframe is a process through which each page is represented with/without graphics. These are similar to blueprints and are prepared by the UX designers.
  5. Development: This is the final stage of eCommerce site development process. At this stage, the developer is involved. However, the step depends on the previous designs that the UX and UI designers have worked on.

Therefore, both the UI and UX are essential for the development of an eCommerce store. On one hand, UI helps to make the eCommerce store attractive and appealing. On the other, the UX makes the usability of the site easy and without any difficult in navigation.

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