Want more Customers?… Apply Experiential Marketing!

Want more Customers?… Apply Experiential Marketing!

Experiential marketing could be a synonym for Immersive marketing!

It promises a closer bond between the product and the customer. This type of marketing does not burden customer with information; instead it inspires the customer to gain more knowledge about the product or service. The recent product showcased by Apple Inc. in Cupertino are a case in point.

The iWatch

The product ‘Apple Watch’ was branded as the most personal product, customizable for almost every individual with ‘hecommerce companiesaptic’ feedback. ‘Haptic’ feedback provides a subtle vibration while the user interacts with the watch; creating a unique experience. This move from the company stirred positive emotions and already placed this product on top of consumer’s wish list.


The key for experiential marketing is to target the right breed of people as that also promises brand loyalty. To make the customer experience even better companies can invent a product ecosystem. Such ecosystem consists of a range of products and services that works hand in hand with one another. In this setting, to achieve an optimized functionality, products are kept interdependent of each other. For example, Apple Inc. has five popular products, including iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, iPod and Apple TV. These products are dependent on the content from ‘iTunes store’ and data from ‘iCloud’. For a consumer both these applications work like other popular online stores in India. A customer who buys one of the products eventually ends us buying another. The experience of buying a product feels so special that the customer gets hooked into buying more products.

Irrespective of their amazing product line, Apple is more dependent on e-commerce software like – ‘iTunes’ and ‘iCloud’ to provide a seamless customer experience. The digital supply chain formed with these applications and content from third party developers; creates real value for the customer.

In countries like India, where E-commerce is capturing markets; Apple Inc. uses an iTunes store to push digital products across. In this component onlines sales in indiaof product ecosystem; content on iTunes include Bollywood Songs, Movies, Application (including Games) and Books by for Indian authors. This makes sure that Indian customers can enjoy their favourite content while on the move. With the introduction of Indian version of iTunes Store, the company has managed to find larger market share while selling online in India.

The Connection

 Another important thing about experiential marketing is the fact that; it has to physically affect an individual. That ‘connect’ needs to be established for bonding with the product and in turn with the brand. One of the ways to demonstrate effective experiential marketing is to Sell Online in India using ‘ARVertising.’  The word ‘ARVertising’ is derived from Augmented Reality based Advertising. With ‘ARVertising’, Internet based information, from e-commerce services like Yelp, Zomato and Google is pushed to the consumer. In the process technologies like camera sensors, GPS and Gyroscope provide real time information. The consumer may use smartphone, tablet PC and or even car windshonline stores in indiaields; to experience this innovation in marketing.


As shown above, a Ford vehicle would receive flow of information in real-time; making the overall experience of driving more enjoyable. This information may include 3D maps, nearby locations or layer of information from social media. This is how ‘Augmented Reality’ puts customer through the unique experience of the product. If you want to explore experiential marketing using eCommerce softwares in India, feel free to sign up for our email newsletter.

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