Why Online Store Owners Should Have a Blog?

blogs_will_change_your_businessThis is a common question asked by several e-retailers who have already invested in paid ads (on Google, Facebook etc) and SEO. While these channels do help in increasing the number of visitors to an online store, there are several aspects which need to be addressed for improving the online presence as well as store credibility. A well managed blog can be an answer for this. It can not only help drive traffic to the online store but also increase the page ranking.

A few of the several benefits have been listed below.

Query Manager

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-colorful-query-mark-light-bulb-image28261523This is one of the most vital benefits of having a blog. Although you may have a FAQ section to clarify some of the common doubts of buyers, it may often be insufficient. Blog posts which provide additional details about products, services and features of your online store can improve buyer knowledge and hence increase sales. Buyer queries can also be addressed in detail with blogs.

Product Detailer

Although key features of the products can be mentioned in the online store, it may not be possible to provide additional details such as how to use a product. Blog posts involving a video or step-by-step approach about such aspects product_video_benefitcan not only help provide further details but also help engage buyers, leading to sales and referrals.

Relation Builder

Blogs provide an opportunity to have personal interactions with buyers. Reading through the comments left by the buyers/readers boosts your confidence. It can also help you understand why some things are not going as planned on the online store. Rather than having a non-interactive store front, investing some of your time to understand the views of the buyers goes a long way in improving sales. This in turn increases customer retention, referrals and repeat orders.

Stress-ZebraStripes-240x300Stress Buster

On a personal front, blogs do help relieve stress! It is often easier to write than talk! Sharing some personal experiences and reading the comments can serve as a stress buster. Although you may not disclose your personal secrets online (!) certain hobbies can definitely be shared. Such aspects make an interesting read and can increase the number of people visiting your blog and in turn, your store!

Some tips for better blogs
  • Have a catchy name
  • Keep it simple
  • Be an active writer (post at least once a week)
  • Read the comments and do not forget to reply (be polite!)

The author Dr. Lirish Chinnappa is the founder of CoorgShoppe.com, an online store that sells cool stuff from Coorg. He also moonlights as a dentist and writes for various technical papers around the world.

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Lirish is a freelance content writer who has an exceptional domain knowledge when comes to eCommerce. Lirish is also an entrepreneur at heart. Lirish runs a full fledged eCommerce store "CoorgShoppe" that exclusively deals with products from Coorg and caters to a diverse market segments. CoorgShoppe is powered by Shopnix.

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