Why should you build your own Ecommerce store in India

E-commerce has been around for quite some time in India now. In recent years, the growth of Internet in India has been explosive. No one doubts the effectiveness of the Internet as a communications channel for smaller businesses. The best way to take your existing business to the next level or to turn your offline store or hobby into a business, is to create a website and start selling online.


There are various good reasons to sell your services or products online in India. Most clearly, online selling expands your market reach while creating opportunities for increasing your overall sales revenues.

Here are some good reasons why you should consider start selling online in India.

  1. You can sell while you sleep

    With an online store you are open 24X7. It will give you a resource to make yourself available to your customers every day at all times. With a shopping cart on your site, people can browse and buy any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world.

  2. You can reach a much wider audience

    Business expansion over the internet is much easier than in the physical world. Online selling allows you to reach a wider audience. Your customer base can span globally in addition to local people. On your online store in India, all you need to do is expand your store’s capacity. If you’ve not started selling online yet, E-commerce is a great opportunity to acquire new shoppers in new markets and expand your business with little investment.

  3. You don’t need technical knowledge

    It’s way easy to sell online in India. You can use an online eCommerce platform like Shopnix to setup your store within minutes and start selling. You can customise your own website, from a basic site to a full e-commerce site without any technical knowledge. Once your store is up and running you can use various modules on the platform to improve your store

  4. It’s very cost effective to set up and run business

    With eCommerce platforms like Shopnix, online selling in India requires a little investment. You no longer have to deal with developers any more or invest thousands. Just subscribe to the platform and set up your store yourself. At the beginning, there are costs associated with promotion and marketing of your store. However, starting up an online presence and growing gradually is very much possible and will require a little time and money. You can get your online store for as low as Rs.1000 per month! Detailed pricing plans for Shopnix are available here

  5. Internet users are everywhere

    Selling online allows you to reach customers outside your town, state and even country, increasing the number of possible customers. People living in remote locations are more likely to purchase online than those in metropolitan areas.

  6. It’s easy to track what works

    g-2According to a survey conducted, 85% of customers seek online reviews before they purchase. So why wait for them to make up their mind and move to your store for buying, when you can offer your products online and beat your competitors in just one step? Your online store will allow potential buyers to find your shop easily and buy straight away.

    The world is changing rapidly and in recent years, people have become incredibly used to online shopping, increasing opportunities for business owners who take the leap online. So, what to wait for? It’s the time to make sure you’re one of them. Selling online may sound to be a big decision, but you should definitely give it a try.

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