Why should you optimize your eCommerce Store SEO for Amazon

For those ecommerce websites which manufacture their own products or get huge discounts on the products that they buy first hand to sell, optimizing on Amazon is a good idea. Since Amazon is among the top ecommerce websites of India and thus selling your products on this site or optimizing on it can be very beneficial for your site to stay on the top.

Why Amazon?



According to recent reports by comScore, in US alone, Amazon receives a whopping 168 million unique visitors which is about just a little over two-thirds of Google’s total unique visitors; making it a retail-giant.

Though there are many other markets as well but looking at the humongous size of Amazon, merchants of course want to optimize their business with it.

The greatest point is that when people go to Amazon the result is clear. The sales soar high and you win customers. Unlike Google, where people may go to visit a site, read about an industry or learn a new DIY to make this Diwali; people go on Amazon to buy a product. And even if they do not buy they are at least going there to search for a product, research it and compare it with some other similar one. But the bottom line is, they visit Amazon for straight no-nonsense commerce. And the likelihood is that they will end up being your customer and make you profit.

Thus, since it has such a huge product catalogue, people inadvertently use it as a search engine for searching an ecommerce product. Therefore, any search engine optimization that is directed towards Amazon that has great opportunities and algorithms, can result in a sale; working just like how an SEO does for an ecommerce website.


What is there for you in Amazon’s Mobile App?

Amazon is also known for its brilliance in apps and searches enabled through mobile devices. It is not only a great potent SEO tool, but it also has a superb app for mobile shopping. A crippling 70% of all Amazon visitors shop via its app on their smartphones and tablets.

You can imagine reaching that 70% of total shoppers that Amazon gets through the app are by getting included in Amazon’s product catalogue and optimizing it.

When for most customers shopping through mobile devices could really be a cause of a headache, they can vouch for Amazon’s amazing mobile shopping experience. It has a very streamlined app which enables its customers to use all of its core features and complete their shopping the hassle-free way. Therefore, needless to say it is a wonderful way to complete your transaction processes by optimizing Amazon when you are yourself struggling with your own mobile shopping experience.

How Sensible Is Amazon Financially?

It is purely a matter of personal choice as well the number play. If your profit is quite low already, maybe it is not such a good option for you. But otherwise, if the higher sales that you would get through the optimization of Amazon, would be sufficient to make for the resources that were put into optimizing and selling on Amazon, then by all means go for it.

It is in fact an amazing opportunity to use this ecommerce giant’s Google ranking and heavy traffic to use to your benefit. And if and when your product is highly optimized on Amazon and win the traffic naturally as compared to that of your competitors, you can consider yourself victorious.

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