How to write an effective blog post for a business  

How to write an effective blog post for a business   

write an effective blog post for a business

Writing an effective blog post for your business is more about “knowing Stuff” than about writing. SEO of your online business will tank, if you are not writing quality posts. Writing an effective blog post is now an affair that involves varied steps like keyword research, competition measurement and optimization.

Writing an effective blog post for a business means creating content that will bring traffic, generate leads and boost brand reputation. Any content that educates, informs or leverages users with knowledge can be referred as an effective blog post.

Here’s how every entrepreneur can master the art of writing effective blog posts for their businesses:


Get the Keyword Research done properly: It is time for you to put your SEO guy on some work. Ask him to provide you with some of the most popular keywords with lesser competition in your niche. By targeting most popular keywords with lesser competition, you will be able to rank well and acquire the requisite organic traffic.

Authoritative Content: The fight for ranking is to establish your business as Authority. The moment you have established your business, as the authority or industry leader in search results is the moment your business will scale new heights.


Start creating content that is authoritative. Write as if you are already the expert you want to be. Let people feel that they are in communication with industry leader and see how they will come back to your site again and again.


Optimized Content: No matter how good you are as a writer or how informative content you are creating, it is going to make no difference until and unless you start it optimizing for desktop and mobile. You will have to understand the importance of optimization; search engines have designed these algorithms because these cater to a quality user experience. By creating optimized content you will be able to rank better and reach out to a wider audience. Here are the few things you can do for better optimization:

  • Insert keyword at the beginning of the title
  • Make sure that keyword is there in the very first paragraph
  • Make sure that you are inserting keyword in sub heading and titles
  • Hyperlink other articles from your site using highly searched anchor texts
  • Make vital use of images by adding alternate keywords into them


Edit, Proofread and make it better: You are going to piss off a lot of visitors by not removing the grammatical glitches and issues. Once you are done writing and optimizing content, it is time for you to proofread and edit the content. Once you have gone through the freshly curated content once or twice, you are ready to publish it.

Your business is lot dependent upon the content you create, publish and share. It is time for you to go ahead, role in some quality writers or start writing yourself. Keep the optimization rules in mind and do not forget to proofread and edit once you are done writing effective blog posts.


Pranav, 23, is a Full Time Freelance Writer, residing in the capital city of the Country. He has been cited as one of the youngest Blogger cum Content Writer from the state by the National Daily Hindustan Times. He has also contributed a short story to the Anthology, Phase Unknown Women-A Tribute. His next short story is slated to be released with Penguin India later this year. He is involved with varied online sites for varied types of writing, he can be contacted at

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