Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions in short

By signing up for, or using the Shopnix services or any of the services of Shopnix you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Shopnix.in as a SaaS based eCommerce platform provider (hereinafter referred to as the "website”, “site" or "Shopnix") facilitate its users to start an online store.
Shopnix expects you to read and understand the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before using the services offered by us.

Account terms And Conditions

  1. You must be at least 18 years or above to render the services provided by Shopnix.
  2. Create a trial store - No fees will be levied for creating a trial store on our platform.
  3. When creating a trial store make sure to use valid/ genuine credentials. The trial store you create should be registered by providing your legal name, valid email address, phone number, etc. Shopnix has sole discretion to delete/ remove accounts without your consent that tend to violate the terms and conditions.
  4. We have the right to verify the Information provided by you in reasonable circumstances if required.
  5. The contact information that you provide when registering an account will be used to communicate with you.
  6. The price applicable is that set at the date on which you subscribe for a paid store. Features provided will vary based on the package you opt. So it's important that you select the right plan that fully meets your demand. You also get an opportunity to discuss and agree upon pricing for additional features with the support team.
  7. Shopnix will not be responsible for maintaining/ managing your online store.
  8. You are responsible to keep you account/ passwords safe.
  9. You are responsible for all activity and content such as images, videos, photos, graphics, written content, information, or data uploaded, stored, displayed, exhibited on or in connection with your Store/ Account.
  10. You may not use the Shopnix service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose nor may you, in the use of the Service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws) as well as the laws of India.
  11. You are responsible for all activity and content (data, graphics, photos, links) that is uploaded under your Shopnix account.
  12. A breach or violation of any of the Account Terms as determined in the sole discretion of Shopnix will result in an immediate termination of your services.
  13. We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Service or we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason without notice at any time.
  14. Your use of the Service is at your sole risk. The Service is provided on an ”as is“ and ”as available“ basis without any warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory.
  15. Shopnix does not warrant that the quality of our products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you through the Service will meet your expectations, or that any errors in the Service will be corrected.
  16. Shopnix does not warrant that the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable.
  17. Banned restricted products and services: You shall not, directly or indirectly, offer, attempt to offer, trade or attempt to trade in any item, the dealing of which is prohibited or restricted in any manner under the provisions of any applicable law, rule, regulation or guideline for the time being in force.
  18. Service offered by Shopnix is purely on subscription basis. There are no POSTPAID plans available. The trial period gives you an opportunity to try the platform for those days after which you need to opt a subscription plan and and is a complete PREPAID option.
  19. A timely renewal is a must. Under Shopnix SaaS model the store will expire on the last day of subscription if not renewed on time. Duly note that any data, information, or content on the store cannot be retrieved once the subscription ends.
  20. Events outside shopnix.in's control shall be considered force majeure.

Protection Of Personal Information

  • Shopnix collects contact details of people who register/ create store on our platform. The information we collect is not shared with or sold to other parties under any circumstances.
  • We only have access to the information that you voluntarily give us.
  • The personal information you provide will be used to ensure quality customer service. Shopnix may also use the information you provide to occasionally notify you about important changes to the web site, new Services, special offers, etc.
  • You always have the right to request Shopnix.in to delete or modify the information held about you (with given facts and reasoning).
  • Once the subscription ends, data cannot be retrieved.


  • Service offered by Shopnix is purely on subscription basis. There are no POSTPAID plans available. The trial period gives you an opportunity to try the platform for free for that period after which you need to opt a subscription plan and and is a complete PREPAID option.
  • If you are a minor (under 18 years old) you must have parent’s permission to avail Shopnix’s services. It needs to be registered in your parent’s or legal guardian
  • All online payments/ transactions conducted through Shopnix’s paid stores are handled through third party payment gateways.
  • Card information is not stored and all card information is handled over SSL encryption. Please read the terms & conditions of the payment gateways chosen for the transaction as they are responsible for the transactions made.
  • For Enterprise and Custom Plan a monthly charge of 25% of the total cost might be applicable basis the kind of service rendered apart from the AMC

Conflict, Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • The concerned person should make sure that he/ she has fully understood the platform, features and its working before subscribing for any plans. Once payment made, services cannot be paused, postponed or cancelled. Shopnix doesn’t have a refund policy
  • You may cancel your account at anytime by emailing support@shopnix.in but no refund would be entertained even if cancelled any time during the subscription period
  • However, if there is any legal dispute, then such dispute shall be handled by a sole arbitrator appointed by us under Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The language of arbitration shall be in English or Kannada.
  • All disputes are subjected to Bengaluru jurisdiction only

Domain Registration

  • The domain name purchased through Shopnix.in cannot be transferred.
  • Subscription for domain will begin from the date you subscribe for a paid store or when you purchased the domain from the third party service provider. In this case whichever comes first.
  • The domain registration will be preset to automatically renew each year so long as your Shopnix account/ store remains active
  • In case where the store activation date is earlier than domain booking date, the store stands to expire before the domain expiry. In such cases your store renewal needs to be done in advance. Once domain is expired Shopnix will not be able to renew it and you stand to lose the domain for your store

Custom Development

In need of a custom/ personalized feature, or for any customization, Cloudnix Software labs Pvt Ltd will facilitate the requirement under the following terms and conditions;
  • Development activities will only begin once the customer has paid the advance amount.
  • The development costing includes 2 review iterations. Additional costs would apply for more iterations. Development will be done based on the agreed project cost.
  • Payment terms for custom development, In advance 50% of the estimated development cost needs to be paid at the initiation stage and the remaining amount is split as per project plan or post completion or as per the terms mentioned in the proposal that would be shared from time to time

Content And Intellectual Property

The content displayed on our website is the exclusive intellectual property of Shopnix.in. Without our consent you shall not copy/ reproduce any portion of the content for any use (Unless you are in the trial period) Whether commercial or personal, without receiving written consent from us.

Force Majeure

Events outside shopnix.in's control, which is not reasonably foreseeable, shall be considered force majeure, meaning that shopnix.in is released from shopnix.in's obligations to fulfill contractual agreements. Example of such events are government action or omission, new or amended legislation, revised tax regimes, conflict, embargo, fire or flood, sabotage, accident, war, natural disasters, strikes or lack of delivery from suppliers. The force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, for example, restrictions, warnings, ban, etc.


Shopnix uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer that contains information that helps the website to identify and track the visitor. Cookies do no harm your computer, consist only of text, can not contain viruses and occupies virtually no space on your hard drive. There are two types of cookies: "Session Cookies" and “Persistent Cookies”. The first type of cookie commonly used is "Session Cookies". During the time you visit the website, our web server assigns your browser a unique identifier string so as not to confuse you with other visitors. A "Session Cookie" is never stored permanently on your computer and disappears when you close your browser. To use shopnix.in without troubles you need to have cookies enabled. The second type of cookie “Persistent Cookies” saves a file permanently on your computer. This type of cookie is used to track how visitors move around on the website. This is only used to offer visitors better services and support. The text files can be deleted. On shopnix.in we use this type of cookie to keep track of your shopping cart and to keep statistics of our visitors. The information stored on your computer is only a unique number, without any connection to personal information.

Additional Information

shopnix.in reserves the right to amend any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, terms of purchase and product offerings without prior notice. Kindly verify the information in our website with our support/sales team for confirmation.
Shopnix is not responsible for any content, interactions or transfers made on https://shopnix.in
All enquiries to be made via : Contact Us

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