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The AdminTab.png section of the Store manager allows you to configure your store per your preferences.

It contains the below sections:

  1. Shop Profile
  2. Users
  3. Theme
  4. Pages
  5. Couriers

These sections allow you, as a business owner, to configure how your store will work.

Shop Profile

The ShopProfile.png section contains entries that define the identity of your store. In eCommerce your shoppers place their trust in you based on your identity details. So ensure that you fill out proper details in this section.

These details are used extensively in all the important communications of your store. Eg: When shopper completes an order, an email is sent out to him with the details of his order. This email will contain your store contact details so that he can reach out to you for any follow up. Similarly when a new user registers on your store, a welcome mail is sent out with these details.

Shop profile includes -

  1. Name of your store
  2. Support email (Email ID on which users can send you emails and queries. This is also the email where all the automated emails of Shopnix will reach you. Eg: User sign-ups emails, Order placement emails, Administration emails etc.,)
  3. Support phone (Phone no on which shoppers on your store can reach you)
  4. Address (Your office address)
  5. Logo (Logo of your store that will be shown across all pages of the store). Ensure that you get your logo designed in the same format specified by Shopnix.