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What is Page ?

In the page section you can customize your store means you can add new pages and modify existing pages or you can add/edit HTML,CSS,Java Script.

Where I will get page feature ?

Go to store manager > SETUP > PAGES


you will redirect to the page


Now comes to the Add New Page,here you can add new pages to your store. Click on the P3.png and you will redirect to the page


Then select the type as per your requirement either HTML or CODE,provide a name and title for that,than inside editor you can place your HTML or codes and click on the P6.png


You can edit the existing pages Go to store manager > SETUP > PAGES


click on the name under Name where you want to change and change .For Example we want to change the Special Offer,click on that P8.png and make changes as per your requirement and click on the Savebtn.png

The most important thing is the Footer and Header where you can add the Java Script and CSS. In order to add the CSS or Java Script click on the header or footer as per your wish. for example you want to add the CSS in the Footer,so click on the Footer place your code inside <style></style> and click on the Savebtn.png.


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