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How to Manage / Design an existing static page ?

The idea behind this feature is that if you have an existing page and you want to edit that page. You can do the same by following steps.


Admin pages.png

After clicking on the pages option you will be redirect to the page where you will find a list of pages like below

Page list.png

Choose any page (where you want to modify), for example, you want to edit the existing page "service-bangalore" (above image), click on that link and it will redirect you to the "service-bangalore" page like below

Page modify.png

While editing you can write or put the codes in the tools > source code or you can use the editor to do the same.

For putting the codes, click on the tools > source code option and write or paste your codes like below.

Source code.png

Now suppose you want to add a video in that page you can give the link of the video or you can paste the embed code for the video like below.


After placing the embed code the embed code area click on the SP6.png and Savebtn.png buttons respectively.


You can check the same in your store like below


You can also upload the images using upload image option even if you can add/edit the images.

To upload the image click on the upload option like below, then a popup will emerge and will ask you to upload an a image like below image.

Upload image.png

Upload image1.png

If you are writing a paragraph or sentence you will need the formatting feature and alignment feature.

Format page.png

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