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What is Theme ?

By using theme you can change the look of your store.

Where I will get Theme feature ?

Go to store manager > SETUP > THEME


There are 3 tabs i.e. Theme, Customize and Home


First comes to the Theme tab Theme tab consist of two options i.e. Layout1: For Layout1 themes, the expected image dimensions are 300x500px. Layout2: For Layout2 themes, the expected image dimensions are 500*500px.

How to add a theme to your shop?

First choose your layout i.e. Layout1 or Layout2, For example you choose Layout1 and UI Darkness theme.


As you can see there are two options i.e. VIEW and APPLY THEME. If you click on the TH4.jpg then it will show you how the page will looks like if you apply the theme


And if you want to change the theme then click on the TH6.jpg button. For Layout2 you can follow the same procedure as Layout1.

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