Getting Started

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Setup Your Store


After a successful Sign-up Shopnix provides you - an online Store & and a Store Manager.

Your store is where shoppers buy your products. To reach your online store go to the URL http://<yourstorename> (replace <yourstorename> with the name you chose for you store during sign-up). Example: if your store name is "MyBazaar" then enter . The store is visible to everyone who knows your URL.

Store Manager is useful in running the daily operations of your online Store. Your Store Manager is accessible only to you, the store owner. You can access your Store Manager by appending (/admin) to your store URL. i.e http://<yourstorename>

At the Store Manager login page, key in your admin username (emailID) and password to log in.

Map store to your own domain

On creating a store on Shopnix you get a free domain. If you want to use your own custom domain first you will need to purchase a domain from a domain providers like BigRock, GoDaddy Once you purchase a domain name, find out how to map your domain to your store.


The Store Manager has an AdminTab.png section where you can customize your store.

This includes sections to setup your store contact details, additional logins for your employees and other settings of your store. Find out how to customize your store in the admin section


Shopnix allows you to customize the look and feel of your store.

You can choose from a wide variety of standard themes and color combinations. Learn more about choosing Shopnix themes and colors

Or you can get your own theme and have it integrated with your store. Find out how

After finalising your theme, you can upload your own logo and banners for the shop

All themes also include inbuilt Product widgets.
Learn more about Product widgets, how to enable & configure them.

Create awesome home pages using our HTML widgets.