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What is Discount Coupon ?

This allows the merchant to generate coupons for promotional purposes. There is a wide range of features, such as percentage off discounts, fixed amount discounts, in order amount etc.

Where I will get Discount feature ?

Go to store manager > MISC > DISCOUNT COUPONS



In order to add new discount coupon(s) click on the DC2.png And it will redirect you to the


Coupon Code: Code of the coupon (Customers will use this code to avail the discount)

Coupon Name: Name of the coupon

Coupon Start Date: The date on which coupon will release

Coupon End Date: The date on which coupon’s service will stop

Coupon Type:

  1. Percentage: It is the percentage of a whole price that is taken off as a discount.

For example: Suppose you take 20 % off on a product having original price Rs.1000

Then the sale price will be 1000 × (1 - 20%) = Rs.800. The formula is

Sale Price=Original Price*(1-Discount %)

  1. Flat Amount:Here the amount(Flat Amount) will deduct from the original price of the product

For example: Suppose you take Rs.20(Flat Amount) off on a product having original price Rs.1000. Then sale price will be 1000-20=Rs.980 The formula is

Sale Price=Original Price-Flat Amount

Discount: This will display the value of the discount

Min Order Amount: Apply the discount (Min Order Amount) for orders above this amount

Total Available: Total numbers of coupons available

Total Used: This will indicate how many coupons left after use

Active: This will indicate whether the coupon is active or not.

For example Suppose you want to dive a discount coupon having Coupon Code: CC500, Coupon Name: Season’s Offer Coupon Start Date: 22 April 2014, Coupon End Date: 24April 2014, Coupon Type: Percentage Discount:20,Min Order Amount:100,Total Available:10,Total Used:0,Active:Yes.Add these values into respective fields and click on the AddBtn.jpg button.



In the Store’s page


you can edit the existing discount coupon,just click on the coupon code(example:CC500) under the coupon code column


By clicking it will leads to the page like below,where you change as per your requirement in the existing discount coupon


Note: By default your discount coupon will not show on the Store’s page in order to show that you can add a widget.

Go to store manager > SETUP>WIDGETS.

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