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Where to get bulk editing orders feature ?

This feature lets you to edit your orders in a bulk mode instead of one by one.

Go to Admin > Orders , click on the option (red square in the below image)

Order invoice bulk.png

After clicking you will get a page like below

Order invoice bulk1.png

The Order Items Report option lets you show the entire orders.

Order items report.png

When you choose Order Items Report option, the system will show the list of the products with the number of times it is ordered, amount, etc. You can take a print out in CSV, PDF format or you can mail. Generally, this option will help you when you give the authentication of the store to someone else and as an owner you want the sales report.

Order items report1.png

And if you will choose the order report option like below

Order report.png

then you will get the list of orders and also you can perform the tasks as the Order Items Report.

Order report1.png

You can also change the courier option like below

Order invoice courier.png

You can delete all the orders by using Del.png button.

If you have more queries or would like assistance with this please contact us on support@shopnix.in.