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What is Order ?

The order contains all the details of items purchased by the customer i.e. the product details, shipping report etc.

Where to get Order feature ?

Go to Admin > Orders


The O2.png button is let you add a new order for an existing customer manually. For example, click on the O2.png button and it will redirect you to


In the Customer input box write the email id of an existing customer, if you want to add additional information like Additional Shipping Charge, Discount Coupon Amount, Gift Card Amount, Ordered Date, Order Status and Order Comments you can .Then click on the AddBtn.jpg button. For example


After that it will show you to add product(s) like


Under the product name add the product name and rest of all the fields will automatically filled and click on the PlusSymbol.jpg. You can add more than one product by simply clicking on the PlusSymbol.jpg button.

  1. Now move to Summary tab, here you can add summary of the product like you can include Additional Shipping Charge, Discount Coupon Amount, Gift Card Amount, Ordered Date, Order Status and Order Comments.


  1. Now move to Payment tab, here you can edit or add or view the information(s) regarding Payment Type, Payment Status, Payment Date, Payment Link, Comments.


  1. Now move to Shipping, here can add the shipping details like Shipping Name, Shipping Email ID, Shipping Phone, Shipping City, Shipping State, Shipping Pin code, Shipping Area, Shipping Address.


  1. Now move to Gift Message tab, you can add Gift Message From, Gift Message To, Gift Message


Now move to edit part


Here you can edit or change the status like payment status, Change status

Note: The Tracking Link will enable when the Change Status will be “SHIPPED”. Like When the order will be placed then the Change Status will be “NEW” and the Order Status will also be “NEW” .


Click on that and select the “SHIPPED” a pop will emerge and ask you to select Courier Name and Consignment ID, filled it



And click on the Savebtn.png button


As you can see a symbol O19.jpg is there under Tracking Link and Order Status SHIPPED.

For multi edit click on the O21.png

You can change the courier and the order report. The important thing is that if you change from here than all the others (courier or order report) will be modified accordingly.

for example suppose you want to change the courier for all the orders

O22.png A popup will emerge then click on the SP6.png. Like below


If you have more queries or would like assistance with this please contact us on support@shopnix.in.