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Franchise Stores

One of the USPs of Shopnix is that it supports the "franchise stores" model. This means you can create franchise-stores for your main store (usually location specific franchises) which maintain their own inventory & order management. You can even delegate the inventory and store management to franchise owners.

Below is a brief of how it works Step 1: You create a master inventory Step 2: You create franchisees (Each franchisee can have their own separate login) Step 3: Franchisees can then select all or some products from the master inventory to sell. They can also select which areas they will deliver to as well. Step 4: All stores go live Step 5: When shopper arrives at the main store <yourstore>.com, the first thing they have to do is select their delivery area and then choose a franchise in that area(some areas can have more than one franchise). Once they select the franchise store, only the inventory provided by that particular franchise store will be displayed on the store. They can place orders on that store. Step 6: Orders placed on a particular franchise store will show up in the order management module of that franchise in store manager. That franchise manager can then track and deliver those orders.

Franchise store model is available on the PRO plan and above. For a demo, you can use the below credentials. The demo is read only so your changes won't be saved

URL: http://multistore.shopnix.in/admin

Username: multi@cloudnix.com

password: multi@cloudnix.com

If you want your store to be converted to a multistore you'll need to move to the PRO plan.

If you have more queries or would like assistance with this please contact us on support@shopnix.in.