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What is Bulk Uploading of Products?

By this feature of shopnix we can upload numbers of products at a time instead of uploading the product one by one.

How to upload Products in Bulk?

Bulk uploading can be performed in two steps-

1. Upload the Products using CSV.

2. Upload images for the Products.

1. Upload the Products

For uploading the products in bulk you need to follow the below steps-

1. Login to the Store Manager by your credentials.

2. Go to - Products > Upload Products CSV.


3. Download the products template CSV sheet by clicking on Download Button as shown in below image.

Product Upload Csv.png

4. Fill all the details required in Excel file as showing in below image.

Note-In SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) field of excel sheet you need to fill a unique number for your product.


5. Now click on choose file for uploading updated excel sheet and browse the updated excel sheet.


6. After choosing excel file, click on Upload Products button.


7. After clicking on Upload button you will get a list of products i.e. whether the upload operation is successfully performed or not.


Now you uploaded your product detail successfully. Now it's time to upload the images for your products

2. Upload the images for Products

1. Login to the Store Manager by your credentials.

2. Go to - Products > Upload Products Images.


3. Click on Upload Button and select all the images whatever you want to upload.


Image name should be same as the product SKU otherwise the image will not be accepted/uploaded.

Product Upload Images.png

4. After clicking on Open button you will get a status list of images i.e. images are uploaded successfully or not.


Now your images are uploaded successfully.

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