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Multiple Product Images

Multiple Product Images feature provides a detailed panorama of a product where you can set more than one image for a product with different angles and colors so that the customer can know more details about the product.


What can I use Multiple Product Images for ?

You need to display multiple images of a product with different angles so that customer will able to know more about the product. An image with different colors, different angles like front view, back view, side view and even detailed shots of specific features can all go a long way toward making a customer more likely to buy from your store.

How do I upload/edit/delete multiple product images

To upload multiple product images, follow the below steps

1. Login to your Shopnix Store Manager

2. Go to Products > Add New Product.

Add the details as per the requirement

3. When you will come across the image upload area, upload an image. After uploading an image you will find an another option to upload the images like below


4. After uploading, you can edit that particular image. Click on the Edit1.png option and it will show you a photo editor like below


Here you can use multiple image editing features like adjusting the brightness, re-size, effects, frames, crop, orientation, etc.

For example


5. In order to delete an image out of uploaded images, just click on the Del.png option it will delete that particular image.

6. In order to sort the existing images you can click on an image and drag to the place you want like below


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