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What is Product Notification?

When the customer is going to purchase any product, if that product is in stock then there will be Add To Cart button on the product page as shown in below image.


And if the product is out of stock, the button Add To Cart in the product page will be changed into Notify Me as shown in below image.


Your store customer(s) can click this button to submit their email id to get notify when the product will avail in the stock.

When the product will be back in stock i.e. you change the stock level in the Shopnix store manager, then an e-mail will be sent automatically to all the customers who subscribed to be notified. This email will indicate that the product has just come back in stock and can be bought right away.

How to get Product Notification?

To access all such submitted email ids, login to store manager &

Go to Admin > Products > Product Notifications.


Here you can see all list of notifications as shown in below image- Productnotilist.png

To Add/Edit Notifications Click Here

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