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What is Track Inventory?

Track inventory option enables the store's owner to monitor the stock level of the products. With this option the store's owner can plan purchases intelligently and quickly understand the fast-moving items which needs to be reordered as well they can take extra care towards (promotion) slow-moving items.

Note: If checked, then the stock will automatically reduce when a order is placed and is in PROCESSING. Also, the stock will increase if an order is CANCELLED, REJECTED or RETURNED.

Where I can enable the Track Inventory feature?

By default this option is marked as checked when you create a store otherwise you can enable the feature by following

Go to store manager > PRODUCTS > Click on any product SKU, at the end of the page there will be an option "Auto Reduce Stock Level", please checked that option

Track inventory1.png

After that click on the save button. Now when an order will place and when the order status move to processing, then the stock level will reduce automatically like below example, suppose an order is placed for grapes 1kg and its stock level is 10 (before order placed)

Track inventory2.png

and the order is

Track inventory3.png

Now change the status of the order to processing like below

Track inventory4.png

and check the stock level, that will decrease like below

Track inventory5.png

stock report will be

Track inventory8.png

Suppose for any reason the order status is changed to returned like below

Track inventory6.png

then the stock level will increase once again like below

Track inventory7.png

stock report will be

Track inventory9.png

NOTE: While uploading the products there is a column "IS REDUCE STOCK" in the CSV, so you can make the column values to 1 or 0 to enable or disable the Auto Reduce Stock Level .

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