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What are Sent Emails?

In this feature of shopnix you can get all the details of emails sending by your shop. Your shop is inbuilt with automatic email sending. Now point is when the automatic mails will be sent. Automatic mail will be sent in following.

-When the customer will place the order.

-When the order will be shipped, delayed or canceled.

-To notify the customer about shop offers, products etc.

-You manually can send mail to your customers.

By email list you can know the status of email whether sent or failed, to whom and what was the content and what was the date of sending mail etc.

How to get Sent Emails List?

For Sent Emails detail you need to follow below-

Go to Admin > Misc > Sent Emails.

Then you will get all the list of sent emails as shown in following image-


If you want a sent Email list according to you then you need to use filter options which are given on Sent Email page. Filters for generating a Sent Email list according to you are given below.


inorder to resend the email first get the email id like below


Then click on that email and will redirect you to the page, there you will find an Resend123.png , click on that button email will resend to the respective email id holder.


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