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What is Shop Apps?

The Shop Apps that is Facebook , Google login lets the customer signin to the store via their respective facebook and google id.

Where I can access the Apps feature?

By Default your store is integrated with two apps Facebook and Google. shown below image-


Shopnix provides a feature by which user can login by their Facebook Or Google account as shown below-


To enable these apps you need to follow below -

Go to Admin >Setup >Apps. .Here you can enable and disable these apps by clicking the Enable Or Disable button as shown in below image -


After that you need to click on setting Sett.png button ( after the Enable and Disable button ) for filling the Appid and Appsecret .

How to Create Fcebook Appid and Appsecret?

1. Login with your credentials in

2. Then go to the link

3. Then click on the Apps option i.e. Apps.png

4. When you will click on the Apps option, it will show an option i.e. Developer.png click on that to accept the privacy policy(s) and then click on Next.png button.

5. Fill the form


Click on the Register button and redirect you to a new page

Click on the Apps.png it will show you an option Createapp.png click on that. A pop will comes out like below


Fill the form i.e. Display Name, Namspace (optional) and category. After that click on the “Create App” button, then fill the CAPTCHA.

7. After that a new page (Dashboard) will come out.

8. Click on the setting option as below


After clicking on that a form will come out like below


Click on the “+Add platform “option, a pop up will comes out like below


Click on the Website option. Then


Then fill the Site URL i.e. Your shopping site’s URL and Mobile Site URL (Optional), provide the Email ID the Contact Email and click on the “save changes” button.

9. Click on the dashboard option


Click on the [?] option


It will show an option like below


Click on the YES/NO option and make it YES.

Then a popup will emerge click on “confirm” button.

10. Click on the Dashboard option like below


And copy the App ID and go to the ADMIN > SETUP > Apps


Click on the Enabled/Disabled option Enable.png and make it “Enabled” and click on setting next to Enabled/Disabled option. And copy the App ID and Appsecret of Facebook page (i.e. as shown in 10) and place it like below


How to create Google Appid and Appsecret?

1. Login to the Google account by your credentials.

2. Go to .

3. Click on Create Project.


4. Write Project Name as your Shop Name and no need to do in Project Id field then click on create button.


5. Go to APIs & auth > Credentials.


6. Now click on –


7. Select Application Type – Web Application and give the Authorized Redirect URL and click on Clientid.png Button.

8. In redirecting page Appid = Clientid and Appsecret=Clientsecret

9. Now Go to Shopnix Store Admin > Setup > Apps. To enable the registration using Google account.


After making enable this feature you need to click on setting button which will be redirected to you on Edit Shop App Google Login page-


Here you need to fill the Appid and Appsecret now your shopnix store is ready to login with Google account.

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