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What is Shop Settings?

The shop setting feature lets you enable / disable some features of your shop as per your requirement as well as its lets you edit some feature like your bank account details.

Where I will get Shop Setting feature?

Go to store Manager > SETUP > SETTINGS


For example if you want to add a minimum order shipping charge (shipping charges to be applied for orders below Min Free Order Size). So go to the row where “Min Order Shipping Charge” is mentioned and click on the value i.e. (0 here).


Then enter the value as you want suppose 70 and press ENTER key.


This Min Order Shipping Charge’s value will be display on Store’s page while checkout.


You can also enable or disable the city shipping charge COD option from here. Checked or Unchecked the option that's available in the row of respective options.

If you want to provide your customer with online money transfer, then you can mention all your bank account details so that your customer can make a payment on that account like below.

Online Transfer Details.png

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