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What is Users?

The users section allows you to add or update user’s details. Generally users section is useful when you (admin) wants give access to other user(s) to maintain the store. For example: Suppose you are the owner of the store i.e. Admin and you want to give the privilege to another one to maintain the store behalf of you. So you can do those things here the important thing is that you can give certain or full control to the new one as per your requirement.

Where I can access the Users feature?

Go to store manager > SETUP > USERS


After clicking on the a new page will emerge


User's List and Delete

User's list will tell you about the how many users are there in the store.


In the below figure you can see there are two users one is admin i.e Paps199025 (mark the symbol DU5.png) and another is Ramesh.


You can delete an existing user also,just click on the symbol at the end user's(to be delete) row i.e DU6.png.A popup will emerge and click on the SP6.png


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