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Standard Themes

Shopnix supports the below standard (in-built) themes

Azkaban theme

Azkaban theme

The Azkaban theme is suitable for stores where shoppers spend a lot of time browsing through many items but eventually choose one or two items to purchase. Example: Shopping apparel or jewellery.

Burrows theme

Burrows theme

The Burrows theme is suited for items that are bought in groups. Example: groceries. Here shoppers browse multiple items, quickly add them to cart and finally proceed to checkout.

Choose a theme that suits your taste. You can choose/ change your theme under the ShopProfile.png section of the Store manager. We have designed the themes to ensure best shopper experience. Because of this the image dimensions in each theme is different. So choose your theme before uploading images to the store.

Once you choose a theme for your store you can choose a relevant color scheme for your store

Custom themes

If any of the in-built (standard) themes do not match your expectation, you can have an entirely customized theme for your store. Send us an email on Our Support EMail to find out how we can help you with this.