Upload Store banners

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Banner Area on landing page of store

The landing page of your eCommerce store has a Banner area where you can display banners related to your store. The screenshot below displays the Banner Area on the Burrows theme.

The Azkaban theme also has a Banner Area on its landing page.

You can upload upto 5 banners for your store. To do this goto

Store Manager > AdminTab.png > ThemeTab.png > HPBTab.png

This section displays the banners that are currently being used on your Store. To change them click on the ChooseFileButton.png button and select the banner from your local PC to be uploaded. This will replace the existing banner on the store.

Click Save button after uploading all your banners.

Shopnix currently supports banners of size 740 pixel wide x 280 pixel high. Ensure that your banners of the same size, else they will look stretched or compressed after the upload.

Upon store creation default banners are uploaded to your store. Ensure that these banners are changed before you go live.