Top 25 Online Business Ideas To Start in 2019 -Bangalore-India

Top 25 Online Business Ideas To Start in 2019 -Bangalore-India

The development in technology has changed everything from the way we live to the way we work. Especially, after the discovery of the internet, everything has moved online. In this article we will discuss few online business ideas that you can start with.

People find it easy to reach on to something through online rather than doing it the old school way. Moreover, this trend has grown rapidly since the emergence of smartphones. Therefore, online has become one of the biggest platforms these days to run any business successfully. There are several business ideas that can run successfully over the internet with minimal investment.

If you want to start an online business or you are looking for any online business ideas, you are in the right place.

Top 25 Online Business Ideas

Top online business ideas
Best freelance opportunities that you can start

1. Blog Writing/ Blogging

A blog is one of the easiest online business ideas. If you are passionate about a topic and have enough knowledge about the same, you can start a blog and monetize it. It is not an idea that grows overnight. You need to invest efforts in it by constantly creating the content that is of some use to the readers.

At the same time you can blog on multiple online platforms that will remunerate you for the content you publish on their website. The demand for genuine and high quality article is still out there. You just need to find the right platforms and start writing.

A list for your consideration:- Top Platforms that Pays you to Write

You do get an additional advantage when blogging on multiple platforms. Out of ten may be 3 websites will be happy to give a back link to your website. If you are planning to build  credibility in the virtual world then these back-links can help you rank in SERP. The higher you rank on SERP the greater will be your brand visibility. Everybody loves to hire a content developer who has a good digital presence.

2. Freelance Writing

If writing is your strength, you can make it a business. As long as you have an internet connection and the will to write, you can run your freelance writing business. However, the success of your business will completely depend on your writing skill.

There is a huge demand for freelance content writers. Not just a freelance content writer, the content writers who are passionate about writing and making sure that the subject they narrate will trigger a sense of curiosity or compel them to explore more. Your research should be at par with your language.

When comes to a business blog, the main reason why a person will invest enough time to read a blog is to gain some additional knowledge or to understand what benefit the business as a total will add to its end users. Now with SEO/ content marketing gaining momentum in the B2B business world entrepreneurs are looking for content writers with some proven track record or with some domain expertise.

What skill sets you to bring to the table matters. We live in an era dominated by information, a content writer will get a mammoth of data in a single click. When the project demands the freelance content writer to scribble a small article around a topic “Latest Digital Marketing Trends”, then he/she is responsible to produce an article that covers the latest trends. Not a mediocre piece that is not going to add value to the reader.

3. Freelance Designing

The fact that good-looking things sell more will never change. This is what gives the designer all the opportunity to grow. If you have a creative designing mind, you can start a freelance designing business. The more good designs you make for your customer, the more quickly your business will grow.

Visual graphics is one media that have a unique quality to grab the visitors attention within a shorter span. An image can convey a thousand words. We live in a world where the end user is looking for instant gratification, no delays, straight to what he needs. How many of us have the patience to sit and read a complete 3000-word article when the same can be deduced to its crust and deliver the same amount of customer experiences? Hopefully, you would have heard of info-graphics.

When data is represented visually it gives people an opportunity to grasp more information in the least time possible.

Wait! What will you do when you want to design a logo for your business entity. Guess what most people prefer to hit Fiverr than to tag with a graphic designing company. Yes, there are pros and cons in deciding whom to prefer, Fiverr or a graphic designing agency.

Freelance opportunities to design intuitive images are increasing at a higher rate.

4. Online Boutique (eCommerce Store)

These days it has become very easy for anyone to open up an online boutique. You have e-commerce website building sites to build your website and social media for marketing your products. Why not start an online boutique. Its consider a simple online business, to sell apparels. Have you ever considered doing dropshipping, Matter of fact that you can actually start selling apparels from home.

Fascinating part about starting an online business from home is that you could start a business with the least investment possible.

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Few similar online business ideas that you can think of;


5. Social Media Manager/ Consultant

Have you been spending all of your time on social media? Do wish you could get a job for your hobby of using social media. Well, you can become a freelance social media manager. In such a business, you will have to manage the social media accounts of your clients.

Are you good at networking? If the answer is YES, then there are headhunters who are looking for talented resources like you. In the virtual world, there is no hard as fast rule like you need to be physically present in the workplace. Since you only need is a laptop and an internet connection you can start working from home. Better you can find a co-working space near you and can start straight away.

Social media has been a safe haven for most introverts. If you want to feel that you are be to perform well in the virtual space then you can choose this opportunity as a career path. Being active on social platforms will help build a trustworthy domain relevance, it makes business entities/ e-Marketer’s to reach out to you and seek your service.

6. Teach Digital Course

Creating a digital course is another good business idea. There are several people out there, seeking for knowledge. You can start your own business by proving online courses to such knowledge seekers. Why not start a webinar series teaching “Digital Marketing Trends an E-commerce entrepreneur should look into”, or whichever topic you are interested in.

There are lot of online websites that provide online courses. You can register on those platforms and start sharing your knowledge. Most cases people don’t have the time to physically attend set classroom courses. Instead they are looking for flexible platforms designed to teach them become an expert in that niche segment. Convenience matters a lot, in the virtual world people get the opportunity to choose specific modules and timings that makes him more comfortable. Be it your home, on your way to a meeting, etc the virtual class room is made available on your finger tip.

7. YouTube

In the past few years, the growth of videos has been tremendous. Therefore, this gave a huge opportunity for various people to create videos and earning through YouTube. Becoming a YouTuber has become the latest business trend. Youtuber’s/ Vlogger’s can find a lot of freelance opportunities to enter into a strategic alliance with brands. Video is a universally accepted marketing channel which can be used to position a brand among target audience.

8. Editing/ Proof Read Articles

Starting an online edition business is also another online business idea that has a huge demand. Several companies require editors to check their content and proofread for any mistakes. Therefore, the online editing business will succeed if you are able to identify many mistakes from your client’s content and help them standardize their content. 

There are oranizations that want to make sure that the article is fine tuned/ refined to meet the expectation of the end customer. Its’ simple as this. You want to iterate and narrate an article in such a way that it makes the end reader feel like its written by a local expert. There is a small difference in how a native speaker will structure an article when compared to an expatriate.

9. Virtual Assistant (Virtual Personal Assistance)

For people who are good at admin things or booking, the best business idea could be to be a virtual assistant. The business will entice people who look out for working on a variety of tasks. 

Few online platforms to look into;

10. Business Coach

If you are good at something, you can start on with online coaching. You can start one-to-one coaching with the help of Skype. This coaching is easy to start and is completely dependent on your knowledge on a particular subject.

11. Flipping Domains

Flipping domains is another easy business where you act as a mediator. All you need to do is buy a domain and then sell it again. You can get a huge profit in such business if you can forecast the domain names that might be in demand.

12. SEO Service

If you can master SEO skills then we have a very good business idea for you. You can provide services to various companies by improving the Search Engine Optimisation of their online content. Search Engine Optimisation is widely preferred in the online industry. The intrinsic quality of adding value to the end-customer has made this channel the most preferred choice in both B2C and B2B entities. When done right SEO is a powerful tool, and there is a huge demand for people who follow the top notch industry standard and push a digital entity to rank on SERP.  

SEO can be categorised into 3;

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Most business entities are looking for people who can do at least On-page and Off-page SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is anchored around the intent of a person. When we speak of SEO we are clearly talking about the user intent to find and experience a service/ product. The customers interest and curiosity to to find a quality product or service is the key behind the success of SEO. SEO is not a push marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation is the right channel to educate your customer. High quality articles with the right SEO will help business entities to position their brand in the target segment. Consider person X wants to create an eCommerce store online, you can write informative articles embracing facts and figures showing how people perceive your brand, what benefits they get when interacting with your online store, etc.

13. Freelance Researcher

Research is essential for any business. However, the businesses do not have enough time to research, as they need to focus on their core job. Therefore, most of the companies look for freelancers or business that can do the research on their behalf.

Freelance opportunities are increasing in the digital world. There are a lot of companies who want people to do research for them. For a company that is based out of Mumbai, it may not be a feasible idea to send a research team to do a research on the local market in which they are planning to invest. The best option will be hiring a freelancer who interacts with the local niche.

There are a lot of freelance opportunities in research;

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Survey
  • Operations Research Analyst

14. App Development

The growth of smartphone has also increased the demand for app development. Therefore, you can start an online business of developing your own apps or developing apps on behalf of your clients. The  

15. Web Designing

Web designing is another business idea that has emerged from the development of technology. As every people are looking out for everything online, business are forced to have an online presence. Therefore, it has increased the demand for web designing businesses.

16. Photography

Gone are the days where you had to capture a photo on a film. This generation is more of digital cameras. The emergence of digital cameras and demand for pictures over the internet has made photography a business in itself.

17. Fitness Training

For all those fitness freak, you are looking out to start a business; online fitness training is the right option for them. Many people do not find time or budget to go to gym or hire a personal trainer. Such people look out for online videos or blogs of trainers who help them work out from home.

18. Affiliate Marketer

Social media manager is not the only option for social media gurus. You can also start a business by being paid for putting up positive review of various products on your social media accounts.

19. Podcast

Starting a podcast is also a huge business idea. There is a huge audience waiting for the podcast. Therefore, if you have a great voice and the talent, a podcast business is something that would be suitable for you.

20. Selling on Ebay

Ebay is completely another in itself. If you are a person who want to sell something, Ebay is one of the must places to start selling. Despite being old school, it is effective.

21. Translation

If you can write really well and know multiple languages, you can start an online translation business. Being a translator, you will have to translate the content of your client from one language to another.

22. Data Entry

The online presence of people has generated many data that is beyond management. Therefore, many companies outsource the work of data entry to other companies. Therefore, starting a data entry business will earn you a lot of money, because there is lot of data that needs to be entered.

23. Consultancy

A consultancy business is for those people who have a huge amount of knowledge in a particular field. Such people can consult other businesses and charge a fixed price for their service. To successfully run your consultation business, you should provide effective consultation and must keep learning continuously.

24. Facebook Group

Facebook has taken storms ever since it has emerged. One of the best business ideas is to create a private facebook page. All you need to do is build a huge community after which you can approach to different businesses and get paid for posting their content on your page.

25. Create a SaaS

If you are good at software development, you can focus your business into Software as a Service. People would pay to use your software online, which is a huge source of income these days.

There are other online business ideas also such as online coffee business or online bookstore. However, this article only talks about the top 25 online business ideas.

Now, that you have the top 25 online business ideas, it time that you take some steps and move further to start your own business.

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