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What is Type Tags?

Type tags build all the details of the product.

Where will I get Type Tag feature?

Go to store manager > CATEGORIESCate.png


In the above figure T2.png holds the Name and Values of the type. Suppose we want to add the tags for the Clothing and Apparel so click on the T2.png in the row of Clothing and Apparel


And we add some Name and Values ,after adding the values under Standard Tag Name and Default Value click on the AddBtn.png button.



Then go to PRODUCTS > ALL PRODUCTS, search the products (as per requirement where you want to add the tags)



Click on the SKU of the product (example PROD001), under the Tags tab


add the tags as shown in the above figure (as per the example). Now go to the Store's Clothing and Apparel section,in the left menu you can see the Tag Name and Tag Values.


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