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What is Theme?

By using theme you can change the look of your store.

Where I will get theme feature?

Go to store manager > SETUP > THEME


There are 3 tabs i.e. Theme, Customize and Home


Now come to the Home Page Banner tab. These banners are visible in the Store’s home page TH9.png

TH10.png You can change the banner by clicking on the TH11.jpg button . Suppose you want to change the Banner 1


and click on the Savebtn.png


In the Store’s Home page


In the Link part TH14.png

You can add a link so that when a user will click on that image; the user will automatically redirect to that page (specified by the link).Add a link in the specified box and click on theSavebtn.png button.


In the above figure we have added a link i.e. ,so when the user will click on Savebtn.pngthat image in the home page ,the user will redirect to clothing-apparel section.

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