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What are Gift Cards?

To understand the Gift Cards feature we can take an example of a customer who wants to gift a product to his/her friend, but he/she don’t know the choice of his/her friend so he will buy a Gift Card of a particular amount and will give to his/her friend then his/her friend can purchase a gift of his/her own choice by using that Gift Card.

How to get details of Gift Cards?

To get all the list of created gift cards you need to follow below.

Go to Admin > Misc > Gift cards. As below-


Then you will get all the list of Gift Cards as shown in below image-


And you can filter gift cards according to your need by using the filtering options.


If you want to edit or want the details about gift card then you need to click on the particular gift card code as shown in below image-


Than you can edit Gift Card here as shown in below image-


For getting the details of using you need to go on the usage history page as shown below-


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