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What is Wish List Report?

In wish list customer will be able to add favorite products by clicking on the corresponding button to a special list called Wishlist. Shopnix gave your customers the ability to add products to a list for tracking purposes. The customer can then return to purchase them at a later date

In wishlist report you can get all the details of the products which are added to the wishlist.This will be very helpful to maintain your stock you can easily know that the particular product is in demand.

How to get a Wish List Report?

You can get a wishlist report by the following below- Go to Admin > Reports > Wishlist Report.


Then by clicking on the Generate Report button you will get all the list of Wish List as shown in below image-


If you want the wishlist report according to your requirements then you need to use filter option which are given on the Wishlist Report page. Filters for generating Wishlist report according to you are given below.


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