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What are the Shop Apps?

By Default your store is integrated with two apps, Facebook and Google. We use these apps login by default user can login by registering his details as in shown below image-


Shopnix provides a feature by which user can login by his Facebook Or Google Account as shown below-


How to get the Shop Apps List?

For getting the list of apps in your shop you need to follow below-

Go to Admin > Setup > Shop Apps


How to enable and disable Shop Apps?

For enabling these apps you need to follow below -

Go to Admin >Setup >Apps .Here you can enable and disable these apps by clicking the Enable Or Disable button as shown in below image -


For setting of these apps you need to click on Sett.png button by which you will be redirected to setting page of the app as-

For facebook app you will be redirected to below page-


For google app you will be redirected to below page-


Here you need to fill the Appid and Appsecret to enable these apps

For Appid and Appsecret Click Here

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