Settingup your own Domain

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Your domain name is a unique name to identify you on the internet. Its the URL that you type into the address bar to reach your store. When you sign-up to Shopnix you are given a free domain that looks like http://<yourstorename>

However we understand that you would want a more customised domain name like http://<yourstorename>.com

For this you will need to first purchase a domain. Below is a list of firms that can help you with this.



Once you purchase the domain from one of these providers, you will need to set your domain's nameserver to point to -

If you are a non-technical person, send us a mail on Our Support EMail with details of the

  1. Domain name you have purchased
  2. Access details to your registrar
  3. Your Shopnix store link

We can help you out in mapping your Shopnix store to your own domain.